Exhibitor Information

We at the Fair want to encourage you to enter you handiwork in the Fair! We want to make it as easy for you as possible: there are no entry fees. You will notice in the Rules a "Registration" form. Please read the instructions and complete this form. We have put the rules and division information into one document for easy printing and reference HERE Please take a moment to read it over - it's meant to help give you ideas about what to enter. If you can't find the exact category for your entry, please notice that every division has an "other" category, in case we didn't list everything possible. We want you to enter!

We also have the following documents for those who will be judging. Reading these will give you an idea of what the judges will be looking for.
Goals for Judging This is an excellent overview of judging preserved foods.

Score Sheets for Preserved Foods/CanningThis is the actual scoresheet judges will use when considering exhibits in the Preserved Food Division.

The 2022 Rules will be coming in January 2022.


Go to the Fair! Discover the best of the best in Burnet County!

See you at the Fair! Discover the best of the best in Burnet County!